Week one June 2 2016

It is the end of day 2 of the refacing of the home that was first a two room cabin and post office for the Novitiate in Los Gatos. Made of clear heart redwood the only trauma was the gophers and my father falling off the rocking chair during the 1989 earthquake. No studs, single wall construction, combination of rock and stone and concrete base its an engineers nightmare and yet it has withstood the test of time. What stories these walls could tell. DSC01360I have run the five flights of stairs from the cottage below the home to the upper floor at least 50 times packing and moving. I will regret not labeling all the boxes but they are secure. There is now a hole in the side of my house as the demolition begins and I am sure the myriad of creatures living on the property are taking new homes.

A temporary pex water line has been run from the house to the cottage for water. The temperature is warm. Felipe showed up wearing a sombrero over a hoody and several layers of clothes as his protection against the heat which is climbing to about 83  degrees today in the shade. He is tearing off 5 layers of roof mostly composition and moss but also wood pieces from probably the early 1900’s. This guy is one of the happiest uncomplaining workers I have ever met. Last thing that was done was duct taping all the gas vents from the heater so that no debri goes down them. By the end of the two days the walls were out the back bathroom exposed , boxes mvoed and the lights down in the kitchen area. Appliances went the next day, the refrigerator remains a bit of am obstacle since no handy dolly.  I’m thinking I want to preserve the old door bell. These sorts of details would become less important as time and concerns change.


A2-1 DEMO PLAN – 151006


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