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Sandy Kay

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Sandy is awesome. She knows the area, will research anything and is always quick to respond. She did all the reading and follow up as if she was buying the house. She is very willing to share information and she is very knowledgeable about various situations that one must consider when making a large purchase. Even once the sale closes she remains engaged and follows up promptly. She does it all - I highly recommend her and would use her again without a doubt.
Julie Peterson
June, 2019
My wife and I worked with Sandy to purchase our first home and really can’t say enough good things about her. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time. She answered every question and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Sandy made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend her
Vijay Misra
July 13, 2018
Housing inventory can be browsed online, but you need somebody who understands what _you_ want from a house and help you navigate the tricky market. That is very Sandy comes in! Sandy helped us buy our first home and she was with us at every stage of the process guiding us through and continues to be our go to person for all-home-questions even after closing :-)! There are several old homes in bay area and Sandy is expert in assessing the nature and extent of the work needed and collaborates with quite a few good contractors who can help there. Would definitely recommend Sandy for your home search!
Shri Khare
646 Pomeroy Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051
It was an amazing experience working with Sandy. She really helped us in giving through knowledge about the location and the houses we were going through. The best part about Sandy is she can take decision. Imagine- You are spending a lot of money on house and your real estate agent cannot help you in decision making. That's the worst that can happen to first time homebuyer. Most of the real estate agents are diplomatic. But with Sandy she knew our taste and she guided as well and home buying became relatively easy!!! Sandy- we will continue working with her for rest of our lives!!!
Tushar & Chandni
June 22, 2018

Santa Clara County Real Estate Market Update

Check back here for updates on the market.

 Our market in Silicon Valley is a rare situation in the country.  Prices are very high, property is in demand, unemployment is very low and the market is driven by customers with high paying jobs, great weather and a cosmopolitan lifestyle which is unbeatable.  We have become a mecca for all cultures.

Buying or selling real estate may seem a bit like playing the stock market as the market seems to have become sensitive to a variety of factors which are harder to define.  Especially after the downturn  in 2009 the current market is harder to read for the amateur.

Fortunately at this time there are several factors as to why our market is still very strong.  After the last recession  Hamp Haffa and new  regulations bailed out a lot of people who had over borrowed.  Additionally there was  a huge influx of foreign money which stabilized our market. Foreign buyers are still the primary customers for higher end homes.  The banks are more regulated in terms of predatory lending.   The job market which drives prices the most still faces  low supply for demand means a stable market for times to come. 

Granted the super speedy rise of real estate in the last few years does mean that the market is beginning to shift away from a sellers’ market so sellers should think about understanding their position in the market now and adjust their timelines accordingly.  For buyers as always never  buy more than you can afford so that your lifestyle is not compromised and to hedge against  smaller down turns in the market.