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Now that the Fed has cut rates, what’s next for mortgage rates?

August 2, 2019 Are your buyers aware of the opportunity offered by today’s market? After the Fed’s rate cut, there’s lots of talk about lower rates. Whether mortgage rates rise or fall from here, it’s still a great time to be a homebuyer Many homebuyers may be expecting lower mortgage rates in the wake of

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Why buy a retirement home when you’re working?

Deciding to buy a retirement home while you are still working is a decision that is based on a long term projection of your future income and plans. Here are some of the reasons to buy your final retirement home now. 1. You will more easily be able to qualify for the loan while you

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Should I Buy or Sell in 2013?

Make wise decisions regarding your most important investment: Your home. Follow these basic 5 rules if you are thinking of buying or selling: Create a clear financial picture of your ability to buy or continue to live in your home based on income and cost of living increases. “Carpe Diem:” If your dream home is

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Best time to buy is now if your income is below 200K

Congress voted to restore the $729,750 jumbo loan limit and return the maximum cap for FHA loans. The higher loan limits make homes more accessible to hard working families with the American dream. Read more… That’s great news for middle-class borrowers whose combined income may be below $200,000 even if  the spouse leaves the work force

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How are Sales different now than 10 years ago?

I remember the good old days when you could take a client out and find a home that you like and make an offer and if everyone was on the same page, the client could move in within a month or so. No more. sales go on and on and on since a lot of

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Someone who was “upside down” but got right side up

Well as the ink on my last blog dries on the virtual page, I got this note and article from my friend Carl Reuter: Sandy: I wanted to thank you. I was about to default on my loan when I found out how underwater I was on my place and you were the one coaching

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