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Evergreen Custom Home

Hottest Market in San Jose EVERGREEN

EVERGREEN             Publisher SANDY KAY   at sandy@sandykayhomes.com                                    Date    9/21/2011    Issue 1 Supply decreases ...


Pleasure Point

Surfline Surf Forecasts

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Cheap money is gone …did you miss the boat or can you recover?


We are done with low interest rates. Did you know that ALL CASH real estate purchases are up in the last year to 50% in some sectors of the bay area real estate market?   Read why here

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Some of the perks of owning your own home

What you might now have realized

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Can you afford to own a home?

I’m not talking about mortgage payment here or PITI/ principal, interest taxes and insurance. Closest article that I could find was from the Bureau of Statistics (they’re safe) and needs to be extrapolated to 2011 costs. What they don’t talk about is that home ownership keeps you home more so gas prices of going places, […]

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3.94% for 30 year mortgage!

Lowest rates in 30 years Read the story and see the retrospective Look for homes now:

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Del Webb Communities

Why buy a retirement home when you’re working?

Deciding to buy a retirement home while you are still working is a decision that is based on a long term projection of your future income and plans. Here are some of the reasons to buy your final retirement home now. 1. You will more easily be able to qualify for the loan while you […]

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Should I Buy or Sell in 2013?

Make wise decisions regarding your most important investment: Your home. Follow these basic 5 rules if you are thinking of buying or selling: Create a clear financial picture of your ability to buy or continue to live in your home based on income and cost of living increases. “Carpe Diem:” If your dream home is […]

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Kale and Lentil Soup

This hearty soup uses kale, a wonderful winter vegetable with a tremendous vitamin content. Guaranteed to keep your family warm and fueled. Ingredients 2 Tbs olive oil 1.heat oil:cook onions and garlic till translucent 2 yellow onions 4 garlic cloves 1 pound mild Italian sausage (optional) 2. Brown over medium heat in a skillet and […]

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Community: An Allegory

Living together in a neighborhood defines security, comfort and ultimately health and happiness. Realtors should be here to help you find your community. Keiki is a 6’4″ gorilla with a bad temper. Sounds like a lot of people these days after the first wave of the recession. Smart people, like gorillas, found sanctuaries in their […]

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