Good School is the Top Priority for Home Buying
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Good School is the Top Priority for Home Buying

Home buying is one of the most crucial and expensive (for the most of the population) purchases. Most buyers will have a checklist and priorities in their mind. But did you that being in the location where good school districts are the top priority of most home buyer? According to a report by “Most

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The Dreaded Town of Los Gatos is in Fact Dreaded for Permits

I had always heard that they were difficult. My house is in the historical district and its on a hillside and since I made the mistake of not hiring Jeff Guinta I would have some trouble. He saw my project and gave me a flat fee of $6000 – that was far better than what

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To Build or Not to Build

So your dream is to have  the perfect  house – maybe you like a cozy traditional kitchen  or modern extravagant   This Australian kitchen used a new acrylic product that has low level LED and oh yes, the counter raises where appliances are on the kitchen side and glasses are on the guest side…read about the

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Before the Remodel – Preparations

This isn’t my first rebuild but it would be the hardest. My first house was on 20 acres. It started as a crawl through 20 foot high manzanita to find an amazing view and ended up with a solar of grid glass house in the forest  :  La Casa Estrellas   but that was nothing like this

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Week one June 2 2016

It is the end of day 2 of the refacing of the home that was first a two room cabin and post office for the Novitiate in Los Gatos. Made of clear heart redwood the only trauma was the gophers and my father falling off the rocking chair during the 1989 earthquake. No studs, single

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Newsletter 1

Please visit my new website SANDYKAYHOMES.COM for the latest in real estate news and Silicon Valley Information. I want to thank all of you for putting me in the top 10% group at Intero Real Estate Services. Look forward to some upcoming celebration  HAPPY POST HALLOWEEN!

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