Word on the street in October 2020

As you know I meet a lot of different people in different walks of life from surfers to tradespeople to CEOs.   The state of commercial markets is pretty dim as vacancies are high.  Small businesses are really struggling and with advent of bad weather their economic outlook is even more dim. While 661,000 jobs were created in September, that’s way down from 4.8 million in June, 1.7 million in July, and even 1.5 million in August. This is one of the biggest concerns our country and state face. With only half of people back to work since COVID and the uncertainty of another  stimulus package the results could mean serious small business closures and turmoil to the blue collar sector homes on the market.   Hello Congress?

While many of my readers are working from home and in high tech jobs what does this mean to you?  Stabilization of the middle class    promotes efficient and honest delivery of government services, as well as forward-looking public investments—in education and infrastructure, for example—that benefit all of society rather than only special interests. Such good governance sets the stage for economic growth.  Destabilzation of the middle class promotes unrest, higher crime rates, more difficult daily life.  It diminishes our democratic way of life.  The American dream and middle class lifestyle promotes a sens of well being and accomplishment which drives contributions to charities, schools and other services. It stimulates spending.

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