The real estate market has experienced its highest  upward price trends in a long time – no surprise  – its families buying and moving to areas with good schools. More people seeking great lifestyle and the flurry of jobs. Homes in prized areas where school rank high 800’s and 900’s in API  (Academic Performance Index)  school score are the targets.  Consequently areas that have high APIs in all school sectors:   Elementary, Middle and High Schools like Cupertino, Los Altos and Evergreen are the really hot markets still with multiple bids on properties.

A tip most home buyers don’t know is that schools may become saturated and newly registered kids will have to go to alternative schools.  Also some school that may not have as high school scores, actually have better art and liberal studies programs..  Don’t overlook the value of programs for a single number like API.

Life style is not just about schools. A prudent buyer should look at location first , safety and stability of neighborhood, the homes amenities.  Bedrooms and the overall construction are also important. Remodeling can be minor or major. I am an experienced agent with experience in that capacity. Add up the cost of upgrades before you jump on a poorly maintained and kept short sale where there are a never ending number of surprises with deferred maintenance from the previous owners.

So what should investors do?  They should cross schools with size of the home, construction, price, location based on jobs and shopping and other amenities. Currently there is a MAP here of Santa Clara county where you can look at Aptitude Performance Index and area.  This is a unique way to correlate home value and location. We want to find the hot investment areas or future areas of gentrification that might just be diamonds in the rough for the man with cash who wants to make money in the California market.  Call Sandy Kay at 408 202 0608 and ask me about it …and happy hunting.

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