Cheaper to Buy than Rent?

In case you are on the fence regarding purchasing a home here are some things to help in your decision:
1. Interest rates are at historic lows with FHA financing in full swing
2. Rents are at historic highs
3. There are an amazing number of statistical benefits to home ownership like improved health and stability for growing families.
Look at this calculator to compare renting vs buying in San Jose

Rent costs in the San Jose area definitely higher than what is stated in their stats and the tax savings on incomes over 100K with owning are understated. From my own experience I rented one of my units in 2 hours on Craigs list at a 10% increase compared to two weeks two years ago.
In general it is important to buy in an upswing area — check out our school maps to find those areas or ask us about what is critical to buyers without children and their investments.

In order to buy you need to save and have good credit. Give me a call to discuss how to improvev your credit score if you know that needs help. 408 202 0608

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