So you want to be the owner contractor and renew your own home or build a new one? There are two ways to do it: Make a detailed list and budget the project and then try to make the schedule and the work and the money coincide. Not that easy. Or just DO IT and the money will follow. That’s what my dad told me and it has worked all my life. Do what you love, make it the way you want and the money will follow. What he didn’t tell me is I would learn to be resiliant as I fell flat on my nose over and over and learned to pick myself up. So off I went to remodel the 100 year old homestead and make it make it my own. There would be water on every floor , there would be pain , there would be magic and there would be the old house reborn ! I am six months not counting the 2 years to get permits in Los Gatos and I can breathe because its finally water tight with the rain coming down. Come join me on this wonderful adventure and I will share what I learned as I pick contractors , materials , make choices and make a modern house !

Front of OAk Hill Way
Back of Oak Hill



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