Strongly recommended!

Sandy is a very experienced agent and helped me in every stage of the buying process. The whole buying process is highly efficient and smooth.

As a first time home buyer, I have tons of questions and concerns. She is extremely patient and always responsive. She does not push me to make any immediate decision or place a higher bid. Quite the opposite, she would provide insights on the house and warn me explicitly when she thinks the house is overpriced / the seller is asking too much.

She is very professional and provides me with extensive neighborhood research even before making an offer. For example, we were looking at at one property where she noticed that there were many cars parked on the side. She even knocked on one of the neighbors’ doors and asked about the owners of the cars.

Last but not least, she offers great advice on remodeling the home since she has a lot of remodeling experience herself. Plus, she would help me think about ways to cut down the cost and allocate the money wisely.

Overall, I am grateful to have Sandy help me with the home purchase and would highly recommend her.