Best time to buy is now if your income is below 200K

Congress voted to restore the $729,750 jumbo loan limit and return the maximum cap for FHA loans. The higher loan limits make homes more accessible to hard working families with the American dream. Read more…
That’s great news for middle-class borrowers whose combined income may be below $200,000 even if  the spouse leaves the work force to have children. Is there risk with a higher mortgage- sure there is just like there has always been. However if a borrower buyer doesn’t make an effort to improve their living situation they won’t move forward. Risks can be taken while you are young – I have bought homes three times and each time I am broke after I finish. Each time I have recovered and am now feeling quite secure. Don’t look back and wonder why you never found  a place. Don’t overbuy but buy.


You have to ask yourself are you the kind of person that sees the glass half empty or half full. Those who willing to work hard see it as half full – they are out getting more water!Is your glass half full

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